Posted 4 years ago

Good artists copy….

More often Giants do try to mimic the Midget. Experience presented by the underdogs is often getting in to the Giant’s product. We are recently seeing this trend in past couple of weeks/months.

Microsoft took some “leaf” from Apple’s Book; however you cannot mimic the original 100%. As it goes “Good Artist copy, Great Artist steal”. We as NaanMap the midgets among the Giants are proud to say that “Giant” did “Copy” the idea from NaanMap, which NaanMap presented to you, to our happy users from day one since its birth, no not in 2010, but in 2005!

Here you go and check it out, we NaanMap are trend-setters:

Zabihah (the Giant, who just copied the midgets) ….

NaanMap (the Trend-Setter)

Thank you for appreciating our work thus declaring NaanMap as the trend-setters. By the way, thanks for encouraging our behavior by copying the Functionality too.

"Good artists copy, great artist steal"

Fellas, we are in the process of introducing few small enhancement, hope you will love it. We do apologized that we are getting behind our ‘Small Tweaks Introduction” deadline, they will be there by this weekend…promise.

Have a great weekend.

Posted 4 years ago

It’s alive!!

NaanMap is officially up and running! Please bear with us as we still have some kinks to work out, and let us know what you think.

Send any questions or comments you have to Arjamand ( or Mudassir (

Thank you for your patience and support of NaanMap!

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Welcome to Naan Map!

It’s exciting to see a website come alive, especially when you’re a budding user experience (UX) designer working on your first project. It was by sheer chance that I was able to collaborate with Mudassir on Naan Map, and the experience has helped us both to learn and grow as designers.

But first, a brief history.

Naan Map was originally conceived by M. Mudassir Azeemi in 2004. Aside from, there are practically no websites geared towards finding halal restaurants and stores, and a glance at the homepage shows its many design flaws. Naan Map, on the other hand, was designed with usability in mind. In 2007 the site received some press on Green & White.

As with many personal projects, life happens and the site was put on the back burner. Our paths crossed when Dante Murphy posted on his blog on how to recruit the next generation of UX designers. We both happened to comment on that post and project Naan Map was reborn from the platform of

Aside from a phone call to talk about the initial plan, our collaboration has been completely online. Ideas and feedback were bounced back and forth through e-mail and, to a degree, Twitter. To make the wireframes we used Balsamiq, an open source tool that’s an affordable alternative to Visio and OmniGraffle.

This has been an invaluable learning experience for both of us. And we want this to be an example for others who are getting started in UX design; hence, we’ve made this an open source project. You can view the wireframes on Naan Map’s Flickr set.

After several months of creating, revising and hair-pulling (at least on my end,) we’re placing the finishing touches on the site. Go to Naan Map to register and be informed of the official launch!

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